Here is Quentin Mathé web place.

I will be shorter than ever, I know I could be longer… Telling how much I love :

  • Neutral Tomatoe
  • Electric Milk
  • Recent Ferrari etc.

Finally I have no blog, no iPod.

Here are my bookmarks…

Mostly about Development and Mathematics stuff. More diversified bookmarks should be added : Architecture, Litterature, Minimalism Music, or Maximalist Urbanism etc.

Here are my involved stories…

I'm currently involved in some software related open source projects :

Thanks to Banlu Keminyatorn. Here is a short talk which summarizes Étoilé philosophy nicely, way back in the time it was codenamed Paris-Resonance :
  • Sandra : Grrrrr I hate GNOME!!!
  • Jennifer : Sandra... Paris-Resonance is all you want.
  • Sandra and Nicole (stop attending her making-up) : I'll install that!